Partner Touch

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The software solution for retail

Multibarcode products

Balance code management


Tobacco management, reorganization, U88

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Fidelity and points management

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Tobacco and U88 management

Partner Touch is a software solution designed to manage, in a simple and fast counter sales of any business.

The solution has been designed for the areas:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Hardware
  • Tobacco
  • Bar
  • Cosmetics
  • Other activities

The software allows you to work through a graphical user interface that resembles the structure of a typical cash register. This mode allows you to focus on your own desktop items frequently used to select them through a finger or the mouse. All other items can be accessed through the use of a barcode reader.

Using a touch screen monitor, you can manage the sales phase through the use of only one finger, selecting the items provided on the desktop. If you have, instead, a traditional monitor, mouse, replace actions workable with the finger in the sales function.

Interfaced with a cash register, Partner Touch allows you to print receipts or not. The software, in fact, it interfaces with most cash registers and fiscal printers present in the Italian market.

The product is fully customizable and becomes specific for any type of business.

    Features and functionality

  • The personnel access is controlled by a phase of authentication through login and password or by using RFID card.
  • Activation procedure in mode " local". This mode can be activated when there are more stations connected with a server (on-site or remote), and rather than opens to network you work disconnected and then subsequently moved on to the server sold. This allows a maximum level of safety in the event of network faults or failures of servers.
  • Managing customer display on the USB port or serial port.
  • Managing codes scale as type 1,2 and 3.
  • More receipts open simultaneously.
  • Inserting or rapid variation of an item during the sale.
  • Notice of termination tax for the shops to open all day.
  • Print ticket and the non-fiscal receipt along with proof of purchase.
  • Managing made ​​in the same sale.
  • For Sale in department (without unloading items.)
  • Unlimited number of lists.
  • Closing the transaction receipt, invoice or otherwise.
  • different forms of payment (cash, credit, credit card, checks, etc..)
  • Managing credit score.
  • Managing shift cashier.
  • Ability to view all the previous transactions and their content.
  • Call of orders or vouchers previously compiled with the management partner.
  • discounts or increases in value or% of all sales.
  • Canceling single transaction or whole sale.
  • Ability to associate before or during the sale to a customer can print the invoice summary with the num. of receipt. (function available on DITRON)
  • Promotion Management instance: price cuts or take x and pay y.
  • Selection Article by: barcode reader, with selection TOUCH SCREEN or search for item description.
  • Managing cash flows. (eg withdrawals, deposits cash fund, etc..)
  • Partial closure of cash for staff shifts.
  • Daily closing with press summary.
  • Statistics end of day and periodic trends.
  • Form Fidelity Card to collect points and activating special discounts.
  • Ready for sending electronic payments. (optional)
  • Connects to our management software PARTNER AZIENDA or LIGHT for inventory management and accounting. (optional)