Partner Ristorazione

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The software solution for restaurants, pubs, ...

Orders with Android tablets

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Increase your productivity

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Manage production load and takeway

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A fun experience...and unique of its kind

Partner Ristorazione is a management software solution designed for manage, in a easy and fast way, the sales of your restaurant, pub, etc

Using a touch screen you can manage the sales stage with just a finger, by selecting the room, the table and the dishes prepared on the desktop. If you have a traditional monitor, mouse replaces the functionality & agrave; touch of sale.

Interfaced to a cash register , Partner Ristorazione, allows you to print receipts or not. This is possible thanks to the interfacing with most of the cash registers and fiscal printers present in the Italian market.

Alongside the management software for Windows it was made a Universal application Ristorazione Mobile , which allows you to manage easily and fast orders at the tables directly on tablets and smartphones.

Ristorazione Mobile is available in the Google Play Store for Android smartphone and tablet.

The Ristorazione Mobile app from version 3.5 is "Universal" fill to all Android devices.

Mobile certified bluetooth printer: Zebra MZ220 (5cm) or Bixolon SPP-R300

Software Partner Ristorazione

  • Graphics representation of halls.
  • Color differentiation state of the tables: free, busy, booked, pre-bill and account issued.
  • Ability to print and manage accounts proforma (pre-receipts).
  • Account proforma issued by the handheld.
  • The possibility of issuing a receipt, invoice, receipt, separate accounts or group accounts.
  • Advanced Features of union or move tables.
  • Manager cancels accounts for single dish or the whole account with automatic reprint departments of cancellations, all regulated by a password.
  • Management takeaway and calculating production time.
  • Managing menu of dishes.
  • Fidelity card.
  • Managing multiple price lists for the same dish.
  • Weiters management.
  • Customers list and booking management.
  • Financial report daily or period with an indication of revenue divided by time slot, categories, terminals (handheld or PC) and the form of closure (receipt, invoices, receipts, and cancel).
  • Statistics at the end of the day and periodic trends.
  • Managing food ingredients (compilation of composition of the recipe for each dish to unload inventory) (optional module).
  • Can be connected to our software PARTNER AZIENDA for inventory management and accounting.
  • Inventory Management

Ristorazione Mobile

  • It does not require internet connection and can work even in the absence of WIFI signal.
  • Login through password.
  • Taking order for room and board.
  • Reading barcodes with laser portable terminals.
  • Management comments, variations and shifts the output.
  • Ability to send messages to the printers department DESIGNING writing or freehand.
  • Print amortization on the cash point on the printer or to a printer bluetooth belt.
  • Receiving messages sent to the waiter.
  • Inventory Management