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The software solution for barriers cash management




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Increase your sales

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Improves the relationship with the customers

ESC POS is a software solution designed to manage activity barriers crates local and / or remote. The platform consists of two software solutions: one installed on pc ESC POS SERVER and the other on every cash point ESC POS TOUCH.

ESC POS is a management software but integrates with management systems on the Italian market.

The two solutions have been designed in environment Microsoft SQL Server and among them are physically dropped but perfectly synchronized with the SQL engine.

The designed structure allows for N workstations cash who work independently and remotely, but perfectly integrated into the central database.

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  • Products.
  • Barcode for multiple item.
  • Code of balance per item.
  • VAT rates.
  • Departments cash .
  • Product categories.
  • Units of measurements sale and packaging.
  • Customers, suppliers and fidelity.
  • Managing promotion to date.
  • Type of cut price or M x N.
  • Promotions only for fidelity.
  • Customer Master Data fidelity.
  • Campaigns fidelity.
  • Promotions only for fidelity.
  • Collecting points with print detail at the end of the receipt.
  • SMS to customers according to different selection criteria.
  • Statistics on consumer habits.
  • Issue invoice receipt.
  • Managing supplier orders and sending electronic.
  • Movements cash general and detailed.
  • Print customizable labels (scafallatura, and promotional items.)
Statistical sales
  • Report to rate.
  • Report departments for cash.
  • Report to forms of payments.
  • Report for bands.
  • Report for operators.
  • Report for cash.
  • Report for returned items.
  • Report sales for days.
  • Report media cart and discounts.
  • Report to campgne SMS.
  • Graphs on sales and productivity.


Sales functions
  • Article read with the bar code.
  • Search item from the keyboard.
  • Article with variable price.
  • Forcing price.
  • items in weight.
  • Article in promotion.
  • For Sale in the department.
  • Discount in percentage of the item / department.
  • discount in percentage of the total.
  • discount on the total value.
  • Reso article.
  • button for each form of payment (Cash, Credit, Checks, Cards and Vouchers.)
  • View full graphical notes and coins € uro.
  • Payment mixed.
  • Cancel item during the transaction.
  • Cancel the transaction.
  • cancellation payment form.
  • cancellation discounts.
Operation not sales
  • Opening the drawer without a sale.
  • Reprint transaction tax.
  • list and detail receipts.
  • Exchange cashier.
  • password restricted to the cashier.
  • Manage display of courtesy to the customer.