Partner Azienda

Il gestionale per le aziende

The management software for companies


Invoices, Delivery Notes, Tasks, Coupons ...

Sale over the counter


Electronic invoicing

Archiviazione ottica documenti

Optical storage of documents

Statistic and advanced analysis

Slide background


and simple to use

Statistica - Fatturazione elettronica

It optimizes inventories

Partner Mobile - Raccolta ordini - Tentata vendita

The Android app designed for smartphone and tablet

Orders, preventives, invoices, statement

Catalog photos, check availability, statistic

Partner Mobile - Raccolta ordini - Catalogo foto

Products list

with photos!

Fatture - DDT - Preventivi - Ordini - Statistiche - Stampa bluetooth


products sheet!

Partner Mobile - Firma digitale - Estratto conto

Partner Azienda is a management software solution design to manage, in a fast and simple, the activity of shops and retail companies, from quotes to invoicing.

With a long analysis and a modern and functional approach, the management software Partner has been developed with the most modern programming languages and is already a reference in the field.

The Esc Software, company with a consolidated information background has been able to collect, develop and resolve in time the number of requests and problems brought by customers and dealers in the industry.

The result is a management software that fully meets the modern needs of companies and is characterized by simplicity and flexibility, processing power and significant opportunities for customization and multi enterprise versions.

PARTNER Azienda is the management software design for:

  • Wholesale Store
  • Hardware Store
  • DIY Store
  • Paint Store
  • Perfumeries
  • Gift Shop
  • Appliances Store
  • Phone Store
  • Hardware and PC
  • Toys Store
  • Herbalists
  • Supermarkets


  • Customers and suppliers
  • Producers
  • Types
  • Agents and commision calculation (Azienda version)
  • Management price list
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Products
  • Variants
  • Separate production
  • Trash promotions
  • Returnable bottles (Beverage version)
  • Creating and printing labels items with barcode and image
  • Methods of payment, VAT rates, Business Categories, Units of Measure, Locations, Nomenclature, Appearance of goods, geographical areas membership, Banks, Carriers, Transportation, Counters series documents
  • Unlimited management companies and sotres

Variants management

Clothing and footwear (XL version)

  • Initial definition of the number and type variants (ex. sizes, colors, fabrics)
  • Unlimited measurement scales and 40 measures for each scale
  • Season management

Serial numbers and lots of expiry (TRACE version)

  • Products
  • Load, unload and traceability


  • Insertion, management and total or partial transfer in subsequent documents (commitments, delivery notes, invoices, etc)
  • Preventive status indication: "confirmed" or "to be confirmed"
  • Queries and prints according to numerous criteria

Commitments and orders

  • Insertion, management and fulfillment whole or in part in subsequent documents (delivery notes, invoices, etc)
  • Status indication: "processed","to be processed","partially processed"
  • Queries and prints according to numerous criteria: all, to be processed, processed, etc

Purchases and sales

  • Managing documents sent and received, and not tax (invoices, delivery notes, credit notes transfer between warehouses, delivery notes, etc..) with automatic transfer in schedule, accounting and warehouse
  • Print templates, customizable with images and logos
  • Inserting complete or fast through the definition of the input fields to be used
  • Management prices with and without VAT
  • Creating and calling in a document of repetitive parts
  • Control credit customer, minimum stock, negative existence, items out of stock, items off, promotion items, etc..
  • Ability to block the drain if the existence goes negative
  • Analysis of costs during the sale
  • Support of barcode readers and terminals

Optical storage

  • Scanner documents acquisition
  • Link of acquired docuemnts from invoices and products

Counter sales

  • Sale with barcode reader
  • Made during the same sale items
  • Daily Summary for rate, time slot, terminal form of payment, product category
  • Interfaced with our software PARTNER TOUCH (optional)
  • Interfaced with the most popular cash registers (Azienda version)


  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Queries and prints of movements according to several criteria:
    Products in the period
    Product, period and company
    Product and causal
    Product and lot or serial
    Product and product category
    For enterprise (customer or supplier)
    For warehouse causal
  • Inventory according to the most widely used criteria
  • Inventory differences


  • Statistical grid monthly amount and value:
    Sold for article
    Sold by product category
    Sold for customer
    Sold by area
    Sold by type of customer
    Purchased for article
    Purchased by product category
    Purchased by supplier
    For causal warehouse
  • Profit for the period grouped by item
  • Analysis of sales - cost recovery seasonal (XL version)


  • Management of open items
  • Wizard of receipts and payments with generation ledger entries
  • Statement of account for each customer or supplier
    General statement per customer or supplier
    List balances customers or suppliers

Accounting (Azienda version)

  • Connecting with a purchases and sales module
  • Recordings manual invoices, payments and first note
  • Attachment customers and suppliers and file generation for Inland Revenue
  • VAT Management
    Periodic payment
    Periodic payments and down payment
    Credit from previous year
    Remaining credit and compensation
  • Questions and prints:
    Paper newspaper
    and technique Iva
    First note
    Registers VAT
    Budget and contrasting sections
  • Automatic closing and re-opening of accounts
  • Connect with optical archiving of documents from scanner

Electronic Invoicing PA

  • Creating XML file of the bill of sale according to the XML specification SDI 1.1

Orders on tablet
(optional module)